Things to bring?

When you arrive at the Shivyog center for your stay, please review the following list of instructions, which includes required documents, personal items, and accessories.
  • Identification documents – ID card or passport
  • Light clothing for yoga and other activities
  • Bring appropriate clothing for panchakarma treatments
  • Additional towels/napkins for treatments
  • Walking shoes for Nature Walks & light slippers for wearing within the center.
  • Toiletries (Soap, Toothpaste/brush, etc.).
  • Current medical records and medications
  • writing materials
  • Small bedside torch/flashlight.
  • water bottle
  • Clothing as per season requirements
  • Anything else you need everyday
  • Please DO NOT bring valuables

Additional details to consider

  • If you are in the fourth month of pregnancy or experiencing excess/difficult menstruation, please avoid PanchaKarma. Kindly consider this when choosing the program date.
  • As oils are likely to stain your clothes, we recommend that you wear fabrics that are easy to wash – preferably natural cotton
  • Accomodation is provided in Well ventilated dormitory rooms which are separate for ladies & gents. Private rooms are available at an additional cost
  • The program charges include all meals, treatment costs, and accommodation. Any additional treatments beyond the camp's offerings will incur extra charges.
  • Participants must remain within the ashram premises throughout the camp duration.
  • Observing maun (complete silence) is mandatory during the meditation retreat.
  • Please refrain from using mobiles and electronic gadgets to maintain a focused meditation environment.