About Our History


Mahayogi Gagangiri Maharaj Blessings

Gagangiri Maharaj's blessings gave rise to ShivYog, a platform to share his profound teachings. He strongly emphasizes the deep connection between physical health and spiritual well-being. Maharaj guides us to nurture our inner selves through the practices of meditation, compassion, and positivity, paving the way for a life filled with harmony, contentment, and spiritual growth. His wisdom continues to light the path to a holistic and joyful existence.



Harish Ji, an art school graduate, found his passion for ancient wisdom and spirituality in his youth. Guided by revered figures like Gagangiri Maharaj, Shree Shree Anandamayee Maa, Osho, and J Krishnamurti, he's devoted 25 years to teaching spiritual yoga and naturopathy. Harishji's holistic approach addresses physical, mental, and spiritual facets, emphasizing detachment, self-transformation, and Kundalini practices for profound well-being. He firmly believes aligning with nature's principles brings liberation from suffering and ailments, leading to true "health."

Our Aim

Shivyog Spiritual & Health Retreat is a non-profit organization founded by Yoga Pragya Harish Ji by the grace of Mahayogi Gagangiri Maharaj in 2003. Since then it has been working for the betterment of physical, mental and spiritual well being among people. Shivyog has been conducting various congregations, seminars, workshops on self development, health, Yog-Ayurved awareness throughout Maharashtra, touching the lives of thousands of people and improving and uplifting their quality of life. The main aim of this initiative is to impart the practical and functional training of Kundalini Yog ( Kriya Yoga), Ashtanga Yoga, Raj Yog, Dhyan-Yog, Hatha Yoga, Ayurved & Naturopathy etc.

Our Committee